We build software, incubate initiatives, and give agency to interventions

Having built commercial ventures, national initiatives, and global platforms, we take an entrepreneurial approach to making a difference.

What we do

At Igniter we see people and technology interacting in ways that disrupt convention and create new possibilities for society to thrive. From that perspective, we couple deep competencies in software, entrepreneurship, and social innovation with an iterative, design-driven approach to build real solutions to problems worth solving.

In addition to custom software and initiative development, we are pioneering a unique approach to shaping whole systems. Our experience at defining systems, convening conversations and incubating initiatives allow us to work with participants across a whole system to identify what needs changing, pool resources, and bring the attention, capacity, and expertise to make it happen. We call this 'giving agency to interventions'.

With and for

Over the recent past, we've had the privilege of working with and for a number of leading agencies, institutions, and foundations.

  • BMO
  • McDonalds
  • The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
  • MaRS
  • Normative
  • Tribal Worldwide
  • Canadian Tire

What we've done

From simple prototypes to decade-long initiatives and global, award-winning platforms we work deeply with our partners to see change through.

  • Impact Ecosystem Interventions Logo

    Impact Ecosystem Interventions

    The impact ecosystem is the network of foundations, networks, intermediaries and others with the common purpose of supporting entrepreneurs and changemakers to build a better future.

    Beginning with a series of interviews and mini-lab in 2013, we have engaged with over 100 leaders and practitioners to identify 7 potential interventions that would systemically increase the capacity and performance of the impact ecosystem. Participants know what's needed. We're helping them incubate solutions.

  • Pine Logo

    Pine: Your daily check-in

    PINE is the simplest way to be well. Over time, this simple practice of checking in helps us appreciate the ups, handle the downs, and start noticing the things that are in the way of getting the most out of life. Regardless of when, where, or what's happening, PINE is there to help you pay attention.

    Beyond the basic question of "How are you doing?”, PINE is also a platform for providing users simple check-ins to help them process whatever they are experiencing in life. If you or your organization has expertise helping people through specific experiences, we'd like to hear from you.

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  • McDonalds Logo

    Our Food your Questions

    Approached by Tribal Worldwide early in 2012 to build a transparency and engagement site for McDonald's Canada, the Our Food Your Questions platform has gone global winning dozens of awards from Webby's to Lions.

    Today, people in Canada, Germany, Austria, Australia, and New Zealand ask real questions and get honest answers about the food McDonald's serves. Braving an unprecedented level of transparency, McDonald's is now benefiting from a new era of relationship with their public.

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Who we are

We are a diverse group, drawn to apply our respective crafts to meaningful challenges. Hailing from around the world and living in 4 different communities we bring a breadth of perspective to our work. Working virtually we gain the flexibility to be where we need to and perform at our best.

  • Michael Lewkowitz Profile Image

    Michael Lewkowitz


    Old South London,
  • Dan Williams Profile Image

    Dan Williams


    Kanata, Ottawa,
  • Renjie Butalid Profile Image

    Renjie Butalid

    Director, Ventures

    Roncesvalles, Toronto,
  • Malena Andrade Profile Image

    Malena Andrade


    Parkdale, Toronto,

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